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  • Elizabeth Galvan Ortiz

Emily & Carlos

Stories have an incredible way of moving our core and our emotions and this is even more true when the story is of love. I have known Emily for several years and Carlos for maybe a few months now but immediately after hearing of the engagement, I just felt all fuzzy inside. The kind of feeling you get after knowing that a love that has started to bloom is turning into a happily ever after.

At our engagement session several days ago, I could feel the love palpable in the air. Carlos would look at Emily with a gaze and Emily was all smiles filled with butterflies in her stomach. You see, their love was the kind of "unexpected" type of love. The love that begins without expecting it. Carlos recently moved to the Virgin Islands in 2014 in pursuit of work and Emily is a happy workaholic and devout christian and music director at her father's church and worship group. Some might say it was chance, but as faith has it.... God was in the midst of it all. HE always has a plan!

After meeting through mutual friends, the two hit it off and started getting to know each other on that "other level" those in love know all too well. With less than a month away for their nuptials, one might think its a pretty fast step to marriage, however, all is fair in this love... there is no such thing as fast in God's perfect timing. He simply asks us to use our faith and put it into action and that's a promise that both Emily and Carlos have seen the product of. I cannot wait for the next chapter of this love story, not because they have waited so long, written the story themselves or done everything by the book, but because they have trusted God to write that story for them....

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