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She Said YES!! -- Lianelle & Amilkal

There are very few things in life that touches our core as True Love does. Today I experienced a love so pure, a love so true, a love so inspiring -- a love so YOUNG.

Lianelle moved with her family from her native Puerto Rico to St. Croix from the age of four. She spent every single holiday, whether it be Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks with her grandparents in Puerto Rico. Therefore, falling in love in Puerto Rico simply felt natural. Almost 7 years ago, Lianelle met Amilkal while in her first year of college and the two have been inseperable since.

Our shoot was one of the simplest, most natural photoshoots I've done to date as both Lianelle and Amilkal's love did all the capturing. Amilkal's care and attention for Lianelle was eminent as the two simply enjoyed each other's company as if I wasn't pointing a camera lens only a few inches away from their faces -- after all, it was Amilkal's dimpled smile that first captured Lianelle's heart. His warmth and care was only the icing on top! After dating for several years and her college graduation near, Lianelle decided to move back to St. Croix for work and to be near to her very tight-nit family but found herself travelling back to Puerto Rico to be with her knight in shining armor. Two years of travelling back and forth to be together proved to be both expensive and exhausting. Amilkal decided he would leave his seemingly comfortable life to be with his true love on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Talk about a love that has no boundaries!

They have both proven that going the extra mile for love pays off and as their wedding nuptials draw near, keeping this young love alive won't be a problem as they have both placed their love and future in God's hands. Throughout their journey of love, they have witnessed His love and mercy for them and I know he will continue to bless them for many years to come!


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