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Chasing the Baby - Naelize Ismari

They say a fairy is born everytime a baby laughs! If this is true, there are many fairies out there sprinkling fairy dust right now. Naelize definitely had me on my toes with this shoot. At only a few weeks shy of her 1st birthday, her energy was unstoppable. This was my very first time shooting a "moving" baby and boy, was it a challenge. Her contagious laughter was ringing throughout every shot and needless to say, my fingers had to move quick in order to not miss the shot. She even had an audience of her own as every passerby stopped to say hello! Babies just have a way of taking center stage!!

We met at the Fort in Christiansted for this impromtu shoot and the lighting was not as ideal as I'd hoped for as it was very overcast but this is what I love so much about photography, it never lies. I am still learning how to set my camera for surprising situations and light. I shot these with my 35mm lens at Aperture priority setting and I amped up the ISO to 200 (sometimes 400) on 3.5f stop. All in all, Naelize was a great muse aka target, yes, I felt like i was playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo at times Ha! Needless to say, babies and me are still a work in progress...



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