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Coming Soon! - Yamilka & Baby

Nothing represents a new sunrise, new change or new beginning quite like bringing life into this world in its natural human form - a baby! Yamilka & Jay are the proud {first time} parents-to-be to baby boy Jayden Javier and although he is a few weeks shy of his very anticipated arrival, he is already loved by so many. Yamilka & Jay met unexpectedly and fell in love almost five years ago and their lives have not been the same since. After meeting this lovely couple for the very first time on our shoot, I could tell immediately how attentive Jay has been throughout his fiance's pregnancy. I know all too well how it feels having a growing tummy and not feeling your best at times but Jay made sure she was very comfortable at all times. At times he would fix her hair and made sure the angle was quiet right to show her beautiful, glowing body. On behalf of expectant mothers everywhere --- Kudos Jay! *Thumbs Up*

On the photography side, this has been the most challenging photoshoot to date. I did not know much about "flat light" and what times of the day (aka the "golden hour") was all about until my friend and fellow photographer, Malik Bascombe mentioned it to me the very day of this shoot. Talk about a last minute crash course! I quickly realized, natural light is a great asset to have while on shoot but even natural light needs some additional boost. I pulled out my sun reflector and managed to get some good shots but I quickly realized why shooting in jpeg, although may have its advantages (for space storage, etc) does not help much when recovering photos after over or under exposure and balance manipulation. I have now started to shoot in raw+jpeg and have already seen the benefits (and need for a bigger SD card!) to shooting in raw. And thus my photography journey continues....


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