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Landscapes & Sunsets...

There is something so serene, tranquil, peaceful and simply refreshing in seeing a lovely sunset over placid waters but trying to duplicate it on a photograph can be challenging. As usual, I consult with a few colleagues (Malek Bascombe & Phil Rogers) - Did I mention how awesome and helpful they are?! - and got some very nice tips about lowering my fstop and aperture speed. I didn't realize how lowering the fstop made the sunset brighter and more visible in the shots. Raising my fstop would make my subjects clearer but would fade my sunset, which ofcourse is my focal point and purpose of the shoot. This was extremely helpful! I also found some great tips for sunset photography on this website: 30 Sunset Photography Tips

This was a total win-win situation for me. Who gets to contemplate God's creation while perfecting the art they love? Ahhh, I am beyond BLESSED!


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