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Lucy ♥ Freddy

After meeting for the first time (three times), it was clear Lucy and Freddy were simply meant to be. Their first encounter was a simple cordial hello (ok, more like "eye flirting" through a rearview mirror) at a wedding where Lucy happened to be one of the bridesmaid for a guyanese friend and he was their chauffeur, their second encounter was at a mutual friend's party and as if two encounters wasn't enough, they met at the company where they were both worked at that time. Freddy immediately realized she was the same beautiful, impressive girl he had met on previous occasions but had not pursued her until then. This could not be a coincidence.

Several months of dating and quite an adventure later, they welcomed their first daughter and blended their (all-girl) family. This family of six truly enjoy living island life to the fullest! Timeless drives around our luscious Rain Forest and endless beach days are a norm in the Nuñez-Mendez family. Fast-forward several years later, overcoming many obstacles and trials and you now have a strong, God-fearing couple. Freddy and Lucy are ready to seal their forever-after with an upcoming wedding ceremony in 2016. They are truly the epitome of the phrase "love conquers all!" May God bless them for years to come!

During our photoshoot this spot came to mind and to my surprise, Freddy has a thing for St. Croix's very own Flamboyant trees. There is just something so fresh, so warm, so Caribbeanesque of a bright florished Flamboyant tree.


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