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Besties from the Womb

To begin this story of friendship, I would have to begin six to seven years before these little ladies were even a spec of life. The year was 1997, as I walked down the gym at Central High, this vivacious girl approached me trying to make conversation but quite frankly, I wasn't in the mood to make new friends. Several weeks later she continued her pursuit of friendship and well, I gave in. Yamaira or Maira as many call her, had a way with words, her bright personality could brighten up any room and with my {past} "no nonesense" attitude, I thought we complimented each other very well. We solidified this friendship soon after my mother passed (today would've been her 52nd birthday) as our parents (her dad and my mom) knew each other & both had died of the same, heart-wrenching illness that was sweeping the United States and the world since the 1980s. We could relate and supported each other as we dealt with losing our parents to an illness that at the time, was not fully understood. Before we knew it, 18years has passed and through many highs but even deeper lows, we still remain Best Friends!

In 2003, living hundreds of miles apart, we found out we were both pregnant just 2 months apart of each other. For sure, this could only mean that our daughters would naturally be best friends too right? The problem was that we were not living near each other but we were certain our girls would some day be as close knit as we are. Now 11 years later, our girls continue their journey through life and with their friendship. Still discovering who they are, Kayllie Michelle Hernandez and Yaira Nashali Ortiz are two peas in a pod.

Well, two different peas in one pod that is. Yaira is a purple and pink loving, science talking, baton twirling young lady and Kayllie is a sporty, blue loving, spunky ball of sass! Together, they remind both Yamaira and me, how opposites do indeed attract. After 6 years of growing and discovering their friendship, Kayllie will leave for the mainland, but we know that their bond will continue for years to come! Stay tuned, for their stories are only beginning.....

Yaira Ortiz & Kayllie Hernandez - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

I took our girls out to Altona Lagoon in Gallows Bay, Christiansted St. Croix USVI. Their playful nature could clearly be seen with every photograph.

Kayllie in Black & White

Yaira Ortiz in Sepia tone

Friendship that last a lifetime! Yaira Ortiz & Kayllie Hernandez


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