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Baby Jayden Javier

OK, so there is lack of sleep, no vacation time or official sick days but every Mom can agree that this "job" is simply priceless! For most women in today's hectic world, having a baby might not be priority number one but as a working mom, I can whole-heartedly say, no job or career is most satisfying than being a mother.

At barely a month old, baby Jayden has brought so much joy to his lovely parents Yamilka & Jay Acevedo. I had the great pleasure of shooting their maternity shoot a few months ago and to see him smiling with us now is just amazing. We shot these photos in his "Winnie the Pooh" themed nursery about two weeks ago. Yamilka and I did lots of improvisations for posing him and basically tranformed it into our mini studio for the morning. She even made a crown fit for a prince!

There is something so angelic of a newborn baby peacefuly sleeping. Every once in a while he would give us a warm smile as if to reassure us that he was comfortable and enjoying being in the spotlight! ​

Although Jayden was not my first baby shoot, he was the most interesting thus far. As we were setting up for this shot in the basket, he reminded us yet again, that we were working on HIS schedule and not ours. As soon as we lay him down and removed his diaper, he gave us quite a surprise.... let's just say its one I will never forget! ;-)

I always ask my clients to feel free in looking up ideas and different shots that they would like to replicate during our shoot and Yamilka did just that. We quickly did a DIY heart cut-out with a beautiful message for Jayden. After a previous miscarriage, Yamilka and Jay were thrilled to have their very own wish come true... Thank God for this little miracle!

Mommy, Daddy and Baby Jayden.... Parenthood is joy, it's passion, it's Life!


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