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Michaela & Michael Family Portraits

I have known Michaela (or "Ms. Ponce" as my daughter referred to her when she was her kindergarten teacher) since 2009. Michaela is an extremely warm-hearted person who is just full of life and laughter all around. Her charismatic smile & humble spirit will light up any room. She met Michael aka "Mikey" in 2012, in an unexpected encounter when she was his nephew's teacher. They sealed their love with marriage in November 2014 and I was very excited because I knew Mikey was also an outgoing, refined man; they definitely have more than just their name in common- they are simply meant to be.

They are expecting their first bundle of joy in as little as two weeks! Michaela has lovingly resumed the role of step-mother to Mikey's two daughters and together are a beautiful family, excited for their new addition.

Our afternoon was spent at the Buccaneer Beach Resort in Christiansted, St. Croix. After an unexpected wave of rain the day before, we thought the day would be overcast with clouds and grays; however, the day turned out to be perfect!

There is something so special about a man who truly loves and adores his family. As Mikey and I discussed during our photoshoot, there is alot of negativity written of and talked about when it comes to our men in today's society, but very little is done to acknowledge the loving fathers and husbands. Mikey is one of many great men that still exist in our world!

Big sisters Callia & Camille are beyond excited to meet their new sibling. They both assured me that they will be great helpers to mommy and daddy.

The family that prays together, stays together! May God continue to bless them always.....

Mom and Dad may not know the exact sex of the baby, but they are quite delighted in adding another little one to their broad!

Callia and Camille, special little girls. Moments like these are the reason I love my job -- They were an absolute pleasure to photograph! I know your brother or sister will be in great hands!


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