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Twin Power!

Genesis & Troy are quite an amazing duo! For one, they shared the same womb although in seperate "rooms" for nine months, they share many things... and one thing is for sure- the bond between twins is like no other! Being a mother myself, I can certainly relate to their mother Arelis. They are both very unique but very loving toward each other. Genesis is quite the little diva and did not shy away from the camera at all, while Troy was a bit more timid but super sweet!

On the morning of our photoshoot, we were welcomed by the warm sun while the gentle seabreeze sweetly caressed our cheeks, contrary to the rainy-windy day before. We were ready to rock & roll!

Frederiksted, St. Croix is one of my favorite session spots, especially for families. The natural beauty of this town is undeniably breathtaking and captivating.

A little Sephia never hurt anybody! ♥

Sweet, natrual smiles! My photography is not about much photoshopping. I believe in showcasing families, children and weddings in its most natural, REAL form.

Happiest of Birthdays goes out to one of the most dynamic duos born from the same womb-- Genesis and Troy, may you live to see many more! God bless your both!


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