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  • Yessenia Cruz for USVI Sothebys International

Charming Hillside Property for Sale~

A house provides shelter but a home is where you weather all of life’s little storms and yes, even revel in the sunshine. When we think of an island dream home, we think of the sun, beach and sand. There is the thought of the endless sea breeze gently caressing your skin, palm trees adorning the immaculate landscape and the smell of barbeque in the backyard. Home is definitely where the heart is and this charming hillside in one of the most beautiful Emeralds of the Sea –St. Croix, US Virgin Islands is this and more.

The moment I stepped foot through the gated entrance, I was captivated by trumpet flowers adorning the gazebo overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea. After making my way at the front entrance, I was welcomed by a spacious, breezy living room that quickly gave the feel of comfort and peace throughout. The aroma of a slow-cooking stew to mouthwatering cookies in the oven immediately came to mind when I saw the large countertops and roomy kitchen. What else was left to admire in this amazing property? – I had seen it all! That was until I glanced at the master bedroom, which in itself is comfy, spacious and welcoming. It has a serene aura to it with a lovely sitting/reading alcove overlooking picturesque hilltop views. I was ready to move in!

The question really is—what makes a house, a home? Whether you have a family to share life’s most unforgettable moments with or you’re simply happy with some furry buddies and a yoga mat, having a safe haven to call home, is truly priceless. There is nothing like walking through your door, quickly doing like Mr. Rogers and changing into comfier attire. There's no place for shapewear, pointy shoes, and constricting waistlines in your home. Yoga pants, forever!

This mid-70s, spacious open-floor plan home complete with a sparkling pool (full description below), would make your heart cozy and warm inside.

The main home has a spacious, open floor plan with glass windows that showcase spectacular, 180 degree hillside views unto the Caribbean Sea which capture the beauty and tranquility of this amazing home that can be seen from any room. An immaculate patio features a stone wall that wraps around the sparkling pool. Kitchen has large countertops and feature a mini bar, perfect for gourmet cooking, which opens into the cozy dining area. Additionally, the master bedroom offers a sitting/reading alcove and also opens to the pool area.

This magical property is the epitome of true island-living. Play with the kids in the yard or shake some cocktails by the pool, this tranquil property has something for everyone!


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