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Falling in Love ~ Lysha & Chris

The feeling of falling in love is one of the most exhilarating, thrilling and life changing events. Falling in love can change your entire outlook on life. Falling in love is inevitable when we meet someone who makes us go weak in the knees, who compliments us entirely and becomes a person who we simply cannot live without. Everyone. Loves. Love! -- There is no denying this at all!

I have seen (and heard) my share of love stories and each one warms my soul to its core and reminds me why being a photographer in the midst of it all, is so satisfying for me. It was my very first time mingling with Lysha and Chris, although we had heard of each other through mutual friends and family. Funny thing is, Lysha is one of my sister's sister! Yep, I knew her parents and siblings for years but I had never met her in person and let me just say, she is all that and more!

Lysha brought her fiancé Chris to meet her family and celebrate the Holidays and ring in the New Year in true Crucian-style! They had been dating for some time when Chris asked her to marry him. How could she say no? Her prince had knocked on her door not dressed in a white suit and carriage, he was a dapper, charming man with a pure Jamaican flare to him. What more could an island girl ask for?

In a few months Lysha and Chris will make their nuptials official but they did not want to leave their romantic island vacation without sealing their engagement through unforgettable portraits.

Our day began in one of my favorite engagement spots- The Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Beach Resort. I love this spot not just for its cool, breezy feel but for its undeniable island kick.

I cannot continue this blog without letting you know just how instrumental Chris was at creating the magic for this photo session. Not many couples feel comfortable or engaging while having a complete stranger point a camera in their faces but Chris was one of the best subjects I have had in a while -- And he is a man!

If you don't feel the love in this session, I suggest you check your pulse! They were quite a treat for me to shoot and I can already tell by Lysha & Chris's connection and attention to detail that their wedding will be one to see!

Everyone knows how much I love natural photos but there is something about Sepia and Black/Whites that emits the essence of true love!

May God continue to bless Lysha & Chris for years to come!


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