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Lucy ♥ Freddy ~ Romantic Beach Wedding

If you ever dream of the perfect beach wedding where the sand is plentiful, the waves are never ending and the sun is just gleaming at a distance, this tropical wedding tops the charts! Lucy and Freddy incorporated all the elements of a traditional wedding, the sandy beach and so much more!

Lucy describes her life (and now can add marriage) to Freddy with a simple, yet intriguing word-- Complex. She is a self-proclaimed social butterfly while Freddy is the more reserved, introverted half of this union to create a loving balance for both. Happily-ever-after did not come easy for this duo, however. They have had to overcome alot of adversities thrown their way from early on but have proven time and time again, that TRUE LOVE can withstand ALL obstacles. With each hurdle jumped, swerved and faced, their love strengthens.

They fell in love seven years ago and together they have the most adorable blended family of four girls. Freddy is, by definition, my cousin and as all good family members do, I have been a bit biased about the nuptials from the very start. A few months ago, I had the honor of shooting their engagement photos and let me just say that I knew the wedding would be one of the books and they definitely did not disappoint.

St. Croix is home to many beautiful beaches and resorts and Chenay Bay Beach Resort was the perfect fit for this vintage, rustic wedding.

The wide sand is cascading across the land. There is a small breeze that offers a slight chill, which provides relief from the warm, setting sun. The water crashes against rocks in the distance. Nature was perfectly in tune during every phase of this beautiful wedding.

It's all about the details at this rustic, vintage wedding. Each table was delicately decorated with antique books, globes, flowers and accents of logs around.

Lucy was absolutely radiant, she had a special glow throughout the entire day and it was most evident when she was getting closer to wed the man of her life while walking down the sandy aisle with her father. The air was crisp and fresh and you could feel a special connection as bride and groom locked eyes.

♥And finally the moment everyone was waiting for -- You May Kiss The Bride!! And it was quite a kiss! ♥

(Below) I just love this photo. It clearly depicts the love not just between the bride and groom but also from the bridal party looking on. Love was definitely in the air!

(Below) A prayer moment lead by the officiant Apostle Samuel Carrion. If there is one thing each and every marriage needs, is God's everlasting guidance.

A wedding that will forever stamped in my heart! Several months of dating and quite an adventure later, they welcomed their first daughter and blended their (all-girl) family. This family of six truly enjoy living island life to the fullest! Timeless drives around our luscious Rain Forest and endless beach days are a norm in the Nuñez-Mendez family. They are truly the epitome of the phrase "love conquers all!" May God bless them for years to come!

Barefoot Sandals? Yes, Please!

Mr. & Mrs Mendez enjoy their first dance as husband and wife ~ ♥

Part of the bridal party with the bride and groom {Hashtag} BLESSED!

The day couldn't have been more romantic and simply perfect for an island beach wedding. As the sun quickly set, we took advantage of all the beautiful colors dancing and rejoicing in the sky to take some intimate portraits of the bride and groom.


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