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Some Here, Some There -- A Compilation of My Recent Work

As soon as the Thanksgiving Holidays began, I have been quite the busy bee but I am not complaining at all. In almost two years that I began my photography journey (yes, it's a journey for me), I have seen a tremendous amount of support from not only from my family and friends but complete strangers who one way or another stumbled upon some of my work. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to create magic doing what I love, all the while capturing memories for years to come!

Although, I consider myself to still be in the "diaper stage", I am content in seeing the improvements made from my first works until now. Some dear friends and fellow photographers said to me, "There are lots and lots of photo takers out here but not many photographers" and the other said "continue having the passion for photography and don't let the business aspect ruin your fun". These statements struck a cord with me and I keep them in mind every single time I work. I don't want to be one of those "here today, gone tomorrow" photographers or the "burnt out/overworked" ones either. I simply want to do what I love.

Alot of my amazing customers ask me how I got into the art and how long I've been doing it for (I think they secretly but rightfully want to validate my work). I gracefully smile and answer-- I am a hobbyist. By no means am I a guru in photography or a master of the art. I am a humble human and life enthusiast that fell in love with this amazing art at an early age but didn't have the opportunity or means until recently to express it or bring it to life. I aim to capture life's most unforgettable moments in the most natural, tangible way.

By the grace of God, I have documented several weddings, maternity sessions, baby/children & family portraitures as well as many, many unforgettable life moments! Here are just a few of my Holiday's work that ended an amazing year! So long 2015 -- Welcome 2016!!

In early December 2015, I had the honor of shooting the very fabulous & fun, Perez Family. These high school sweethearts of over 19yrs, have three of the most adorable young ladies. They were super sweet but very game for our photoshoot. Surrounded by such beauties and grace, It's safe to say that Mr. Perez is one lucky man!

(Bottom) Rosa has been a very dear friend of mine for a long time. It is no secret that she is a daddy's girl so when she asked if I would be willing to take a few pics of her and her dad Eugenio, I was more than willing. The relationship between a daughter and father is one that I have always admired, they were so natural and laughing that we had to pause and regroup just to make it through the session!

(Bottom) Remember that one chic who you can be without talking to for a long, long time yet when you get together it's as if nothing changed? You could hold a conversation for hours and end and feel completely comfortable with? Yep, that's my dear friend Jessica and me. I have always admired her for always holding herself together through the worst of circumstances, while never changing her positive aura. Photos come naturally for this beauty and shooting her was a breeze!

Natural model?! I think so ;-)

(Bottom) This little sweetie pie you see here is Nomaris. She surprised me by how well she took direction. She swiftly changed between poses and even helped us with her little brother, who was busy running around and clearly had no time for photos in his agenda.

All the Ooh's and Aah's are quite appropriate in this session as these sibling's vacation to our beautiful island was complete with their photo session. Nomar and Nomaris are awesome!

If you've ever tried to take photos of a moving target, you know how challenging this could be and let's just say little Nomar gave me a reason to exercise!

As you may notice through this blog and some of my other work, family portraiture is where most of my heart lies. Being a mother of two beautiful, photogenic children (if I could say so myself!), it is very easy for me to be comfortable around children. I love capturing moments in their lives that as they grow they can look back on and cherish forever.

I have much more photos captured during the Christmas Holidays that I will be posting soon but I hope you have enjoyed these few moments for now!

God bless!



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