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An Open Letter to my 12yr old Daughter

Yaira, today is such a special day, in more ways than one. First, you are beginning a new stage in your life, a new journey -- it is your 12th birthday! But it is also an incredible milestone for us as your parents to be able to witness this time in your life and be a part of it.

Let me start by saying that becoming a parent does not come with an instructional manual or handbook. As much books as I read when I was pregnant with you, I was still ill-prepared for what was ahead in this road called parenthood. We are not perfect and in no way expect you to be either, but in the past 12 years, your father and I could not have wished for a better daughter. We have worked very hard to build a loving, trusting, respectful and balanced relationship with you. Taking time to talk during our morning drives to school or in our quite times just before bed, means the world to me.

I knew the time would come when life would get a little tougher for you. A time when being able to come to me with life’s problems would be necessary, and I have always wanted you to know that I would be here for you – no matter what. I remember what it was like to need my mom to just listen and understand. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that kind of relationship with my mother but I cannot change the past. I can, however; work toward a better future for you and your brother.

I have never pretended to be your friend because I am more than that. Friends come and friends go but I will forever be your mother. There is nothing that would make me happier in this world, than your true happiness! I know that every day we continue to learn more and more about each other and though there will be moments that we will not agree, I hope to continue that open line of communication between us.

Here are a just a few things I want you to always remember:


You have come to understand from early on how important our faith in God is and why it is necessary that he remains our CENTER. Prayer is our steering wheel NOT our spare tire. From this moment forward your faithfulness and christianity will be tested daily. HE is our strength, our "Go-to", our Father. Always remember that God truly knows best!

2. You are better than NONE & NONE is better than you.

There is no one that can do you better than you, and you should always embrace that! Stay true to who you are because you are amazing! Don’t ever let other people make you feel like anything less. I’ve told you before: those that try to bring you down are only trying because you are already above them. I know it seems like the end of the world if someone doesn’t like you or someone makes fun of you, but the truth is in 10 years that person won’t matter in the grand scheme of YOU.

3. NOTHING on social media is private.

You are living in an era where technology and "social sharing" is the norm. Just remember to be mindful of what you share. We've talked about this before, but it bears repeating: Before you post it, imagine it plastered across an interstate billboard (in our case, all over Sunny Isle).

4.REJECTION is a part of life.

Everyone does NOT have to like you. How you handle rejection is very important in life. It does NOT define you. Sometimes its a good thing, again... your faith will be tested every single day. Stay confident and true to yourself always.

5. NEVER stop Smiling.

From ever since you were a baby, you always drew people to you with your smile. Your charisma and charm is undeniably tangible but you are also a "people pleaser" and that can create alot of pressure. Knowing how and when to "let your hair down", be comfortable in your own skin and simply let out a laugh will help keep you sane. Always smile, it confuses the enemy.

6.TAKE your TIME.

The scriptures teaches that there is a "time for everything" and I truly believe that. I have always told you to live in the moment, do not rush to grow up, give in to the social hype or try to be someone else. "Boyfriend time" will inevitably come but until then, enjoy your youth for it is the shortest span of your entire life. Trust me, paying bills is no fun!

I say all that to say this. From the moment you were pulled out of my womb (thanks for the emergency C-section...not!) your light has been shining bright! I thank God everyday for choosing me to guide you and nurture you throughout this life. He let me burrow you because he knew how much you would change our worlds. I pray that you continually let your light shine unto others and always, always remain humble. May all your dreams come true and may you live to see many more!


P.s. I know you are almost taller than me, no need to measure up to me every time I stand near you!


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