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Kurty Family Portraits

They say, "Two is company, three is a crowd" but I say three is more to love, three is FAMILY! Often times I find that photographing strangers can be very awkward, especially when posing and smiling does not come "naturally". The notion of having a total stranger pointing a camera at your face is even that more uncomfortable for some; however, while this may be a challenge for some photographers, I find it very exciting.

I communicated with Alexis via email several months ago and immediately got the sense of a very relaxed, unstuffy, approachable family. Her husband Don and cutest little 14month old daughter Olive made this trio a total delight to photograph.

Unbeknownst to me, it was their first time at The Buccaneer Resort and I thought it was very fitting for our photo session. After several "posed" shots, we opted for simple, unrehearsed, "as is" photographs depicting the natural love made palpable between this loving family.

In true island-style, we got some very natural visitors-- Iguanas! Little Olive was so excited and so intrigued by these native reptiles she had to get a closer look!

Family is truly what drives my love for photography. Seeing their interaction and love as I photographed made my heart smile with every shot. Alexis, Don & Olive may happiness always emanate through everything you set your hearts to do!


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