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The Family That Prays Together ♥

Every family has a story. Every one with a different beginning, a different traveled road, a unique perspective. One of the things I love most about capturing life's moments on camera is being able to hear (and see) them up close. I have been acquainted with the Rivera family for a few years through our churches and their Herbalife club; however, this was my first time hearing their love story.

Dalimarys and Angel are high school sweethearts of 12years! In fact, Angel was her one and only boyfriend--take notes girls! ♥ His warm & charming persona has made for quite a loving journey for these two. They have been married for almost 6years and have the most amazing 6yr old (almost 7yr old) little boy, Diomar. A young couple, like many others, full of dreams of the perfect family!

In 2011, they decided to give "God a chance" and welcomed him into their lives-- a decision, they said has marked their lives forever! Dalimarys says, "the encounter with Jesus made our lives complete and we knew from that moment, we would be nothing without him".

Dalimarys and Angel are both successful owners of Source Nutrition, the 3rd Herbalife club to open on St. Croix. Their compassionate nature and eagerness to help others toward a healthy lifestyle, has helped them grow not only as entrepreneurs and business partners but also as a family. Their health and fitness club has been opened for over 2years.

Adding character and laughter to their daily lives is little Diomar. His bright personality filled with love and happiness is truly the center of their joy. He is not just the splitting image of his beloved Daddy Angel, but also has his personality to go with it. Naturally, adding a sibling for Diomar and another vivacious member to their broad was something they looked forward to for a few years.

After two years of trying month after month to conceive unsuccessfully, Angel & Dalimarys felt extremely overwhelmed and stressed with the notion that having another baby would not come true for them. Once again, they leaned unto the support of their family, close friends and most important of all, their faith. And while it was extremely difficult at times, they continued to pray!

Now, they are ecstatic to announce that they are expecting baby #2 in Oct. 2016!

Big brother Diomar is beyond excited! His superhero powers are activated-- As every good big brother should! :-)

Throughout our photo session, Angel's attentiveness to his wife and soon to be mother, was as natural and genuine as light itself. His love and devotion to his family is palpable and I know it only continue to grow for their unborn child as well. Dalimarys nurturing spirit was made clear that she had already created a bond with her baby.

This has been the latest (in Photography time) that I have ever done a photo session as my "natural light" was running away from me. Quite honestly I was extremely nervous for the outcome but their reaction to the end product was priceless!

The family that prays together truly stays together. I admire Dalimarys and Angel for doing an exceptional job in not only preparing Diomar to be a big brother but also in guiding him in the footsteps of the Lord. As I spoke to Dalimarys throughout our little chats, one of the things she kept repeating over and over was "To God All The Glory". This phrase puts it all in perspective for her, for me and even for many other young dreaming couples out there . God is truly our reason, our why and even our why not!

Unfortunately for some, God is a spare tire and not a steering wheel but in Dalimarys and Angel, I see that although there are always tid bits of information we may not understand at the moment, God is the center of it all. Their business, their marriage, their family, their all in God's hands!

May God continue to bless them on this journey of becoming parents for a second time! ♥


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