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The Art of Marriage ~

Marriage the way God intended it to be is truly an art form. Every marriage is unique, expressed by the colorful personalities of each spouse and textured by the circumstances at play in their lives. The blending of two single lives and moving from a "me" to "we" can be challenging to master but definitely worth the effort.

Every time I do a photo session, I look forward to their stories, past and present because it not only gives me inspiration while shooting but it also reminds me of how complex and unique each one of our lives is. The 10th year wedding anniversary is a huge milestone for a couple and known as the Tin anniversary. The tenth year of marriage is the first decade of your marriage and shows the strength and stability of your commitment to one another.

Carmen & Pedro is celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and to celebrate this joyous occasion, with lots of encouragement from their daughter Delia, they decided to do a special anniversary photo session! It fills my heart with joy, love and hope to hear that even with daily challenges, struggles and differences, true love always prevails. Their love story is inspiring in more ways than one.

They met about three decades ago through mutual friends and each had their share of challenges in previous relationships. Carmen was separated with three beautiful children, two boys and one girl and Pedro was widowed with three sons. Pedro fell in love with Carmen's beauty, warmness and personality but what "sealed the deal" for him, was hearing about the 5yr old daughter Carmen had. He had always wanted a daughter of his own and he finally had it! Together they formed their very own "Encarnacion Bunch"! After 17yrs together, they eloped surrounded by lots of family and friends in 2006.

From an outsider looking in, Carmen and Pedro have it all! Together they have six children and ten grandchildren with one on the way. They both have good health, a great family support and love but as in every marriage, they have had their share of challenges. We know that no two marriages are the same and there is no cookie-cutter mold that everyone can fit in. During our photo session, I could sense the maturity of their love, their respect for one another and admiration with each photo.

All throughout our photo session, we couldn't help but talk about how gorgeous the day had turned out after a rainy day before. There was a gentle breeze and the sun shined beaming with pride, confirming their love and devotion to one another.

One of my favorite photos of this session, is this black and white photograph. It depicts their closeness and together they look above! Their smiles and embrace show an ageless love.

♥ 1 Husband, 1 Wife, 1 Girl, 5 Boys + 2gether = 10years of Marriage! ♥

This was the first photo session that I have had done thus far, which ended with a prayer. God's presence was definitely present and His Spirit reminded us of the first institution established from the beginning of time -- Marriage. I have said this before and I will say it again. Many women focus on having a beautiful ceremony and wedding (and that is NOT a bad thing), however; I believe finding beautiful in a lifelong marriage is that much more fulfilling!

May God continue to bless their union and continue to strengthen their bond, love and devotion for one another. Here's to 100 more years!!


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